Electronic jacquard machine structure and components maintenance precautions



In textile machinery, electronic jacquard machines are used more because the fabrics produced have patterns and are liked by people. Electronic jacquard machine is mainly composed of controller, power supply, main control board 


Encoders and other institutions. During maintenance, it is necessary to press the two red buttons on the left and right, and the relevant maintenance personnel and staff cannot cross the guardrail and related tools cannot be placed at will. Next, this article will briefly introduce the structure of the electronic jacquard machine and the precautions for the maintenance of electronic jacquard machine components. Let's take a look!



1. What are the structures of electronic jacquard machines?


1. The controller, the main function of the controller is pattern management and function setting of the jacquard machine, and is also responsible for the communication with the external loom or computer.


2. Power supply, 15VDC is the power supply except the controller.


3. MICRON main control board: a microprocessor composed of 8-bit AT90S8515 and 32-bit MC68LC302CPU, XILNXXCS20 for data memory, and 2 pieces of CMOSMX66C1024 for SRAM memory. Mainly carry out angle and jacquard electromagnet control and fan and false edge management, and receive controller information and feedback information through optical fiber. For common faults, you can press the reset button to reset by programming.


4. CICO output board: drive CIEL card.


5. CIEL card: Each CIEL card controls one component and manages eight electromagnets (corresponding to eight hooks).


6. Encoder: Provide 360-degree angle information.


7. Electronic false edge: This option is convenient and optimized for the opening of the false edge. The shape, size and angle of the shed can be adjusted by the controller.


8. Fan: In addition to the cooling function, it also has the function of cleaning negative pressure.


9. Contactor: The interlock signal is controlled by the loom, most of which are controlled by 24VDC.


2. Precautions for the maintenance of electronic jacquard machine components


1. Before repairing the electronic jacquard machine, you should first press the left and right red buttons. These two red buttons can help the equipment stop and display the process of the equipment being repaired. In this way, other idlers and others will not be close to the equipment during the maintenance process.


2. During the maintenance process of the electronic jacquard machine, the relevant maintenance personnel and staff cannot cross the guardrail. If you need to go up and down the stairs for use or maintenance, you also need to be slow and careful to avoid falling and slipping.


3. For the detachment of the relevant pattern board crossing the bridge and the horizontal bar used in the equipment, remember not to hang the gantry on the ground at will, so that it is easy to roll off. This will injure the equipment and related personnel.


4. For the maintenance and use of the electronic jacquard machine, the related tools cannot be placed at will, which can easily cause falling and cause damage to the staff or equipment, and may even cause certain safety accidents in serious cases.


5. If the electronic jacquard machine needs to be moved during maintenance, the safety shutter must be restored to its original position after the maintenance procedure is over.


6. After the electronic jacquard machine is repaired, start the slow car for more than 2 wefts. After the maintenance personnel confirm that the equipment has been able to operate normally, the fast car will be used. Then determine whether the jacquard effect of the relevant textile fabric meets the standard.


For the maintenance and treatment of the electronic jacquard machine, be sure to follow the correct steps. Otherwise, it may cause injury to the relevant staff during the maintenance and repair process. Only by doing regular maintenance work for the equipment can the performance of the electronic jacquard machine be optimized.

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