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Hangzhou Tianmai Textile Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech manufacturer, specialized in researching and manufacturing types of jacquard machines and innovations. Our company is located in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where' s about 2 hours ' drive from Shanghai Airport, 1 hour drive from Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport.
Established in 2006, we now have 200 staffs in company,28 engineers, 12 professors, and we have 6 patented technologies for our electronic cylinder/attachment (600~7680 hooks), which is a great innovation to upgrade mechanical jacquard head function as electronic one at minimum budget, and could be applied in most mechanical jacquard weaving looms such as power looms, rapier looms and terry towel looms.
Our main products are: - electronic cylinder (attachment) for mechanical jacquard, - electronic jacquard - spare parts or accessories of Bonas, Staubli etc. - mechanical jacquard.
All our products, especially our electronic cylinder/attachment are wildly popular in India, Pakistan,Vietnam, Bangladesh, etc.



It is easy to install and can realize paperless electronic jacquard with jacquard attachment



Increase loom speed by 30% - 50% import and export customs clearance is more convenient and faster



Computer control, computer production management



It can hold up to 300000 sheets of cardboard



In order to improve capacity of production, we will move to a new factory which is more than 2000 square meters, and build a team with more than 100 staffs including 20 mates in R&D department, and company equipment and instrument which was out-sourcing improve control level.


Jacquard field workshop


Automatic temperature control riveting machine


Automatic repair welding machine


High speed electronic jacquard


Accessories assembly workshop


Accessories assembly workshop

Our software make bmp. Format file, can it be supported?

tianmai Our jacquard electronic attachment support EP format, but we have We have our own conversion software that can make bmp. Format directly convert EP format.

What is the power of your machine?

tianmai 1 hour power consumption 0.1 degrees

Once we buy your product, what should we do if there are quality problems in the future?/What is the warranty time of your machine?

tianmai During the warranty period, if due to quality problem, we will provide the free accessories part for you, we’ll charge the necessary cost beyond the warranty period.

Do you have an instruction manual?

tianmai We have an electronic instruction of the controller manual.

How long is your warranty period?

tianmai The electronic attachment enjoys a 13-month warranty from the date of shipment.

tianmai The full-electronic jacquard machine enjoys a 25-month warranty from the date of shipment.

How does the efficiency compare with traditional cardboard?

tianmai On one hand, after installing our electronic jacquard attachment, the efficiency of your machine can be increased by 30%,means production efficiency has increased, as long as your factory's machine allows, our machine can reach 300 rpm(revolution per minutes).

tianmai On the other hand, the innovation ability of your factory has also been improved a lot. It is very easy for you to develop new design for customers with our machine. All the design patterns are also store in the U disk, It’s very convenient to store and use

If we want to learn about installation and maintenance, do you provide training?

tianmai We also train maintenance people.

Do you have office in our location?

tianmaiWe have a national sales and after-sales service center in Pakistan, and we are in preparation for after-sales centers in other places such as India, Vietnam, and Indonesia.


tianmaiOur solenoid valve coil is of high quality, the coil raw materials are imported, This is also the difference between us and some pirated companies.

tianmaiThe design of solenoid valve and other components is good, it’s so easy to adjust.

tianmaiThe solenoid valve is resistant to high temperature and has good lubrication due to the High-cost imported raw materials.

tianmaiThe chip on the driver board has good pressure bearing performance and good stability, We invested 1 million RMB developed, this is our core competitiveness.

tianmaiFor the quality of the steel needle on the drive board, we have selected a special material with good toughness.

After sale service

tianmaiThree sets attachment we’ll provide one extra drive board for you, Five sets attachment we’ll provide two extra drive board for you.

tianmaiFive sets attachment we’ll provide one extra sensor for you.

tianmaiEvery attachments we’ll provide eight extra solenoid for you.

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