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Manufacturers of High Speed Electronic Jacquard with Rapier Loom Machine from 448 hooks to 2688 hooks with latest microcontroller,Click on below links for more details.

Electronic Jacquard | Rapier Loom 


The Gravity series by electronic Jacquard is a line of high-end LED strips that are perfect for use in ceiling fans, light fixtures and other decorative applications. These strips feature a smooth, continuous surface that is perfect for creating seamless patterns or designs. The Gravity series is available in a variety of colors and can be customized to create unique looks for your home or business.


Electronic Jacquard is a new type of textile that uses a series of parallel rows of conductive threads to create patterns. The patterns can be created using either simplex or duplex algorithms, and the resulting fabric can be used for wearables, textiles, and even architecture.


The Gravity series is a line of electronic Jacquard fabrics that are inspired by the traditional craft of quilting. The fabrics are made up of a series of intersecting circles that create an intricate pattern. Each fabric is available in several different colors and patterns, and can be used for a variety of applications, from apparel to home décor.


What is a Jacquard Machine&Rapier Loom ?


The Jacquard loom is a type of automated weaving machine that uses a series of punched cards to control the motion of the weft yarn. The loom is named after its inventor, Jacques Jacquard, and was first invented in 1805. Today, jacquard looms are used to produce a variety of fabrics, including lace, netting, and fabric patterns.


A Jacquard machine is a type of loom that uses punched cards to control the weaving of fabric. The cards are read by a computer and control the patterns that are woven. Today, jacquard machines are used in industrial settings to produce textiles such as carpets, upholstery, and clothing. Prices for jacquard machines vary depending on the model and features that are included.



Here are five reasons why The Gravity Series Electronic Jacquard is a great choice for you:


1. The Gravity Series Electronic Jacquard is a computerized knitting machine that can be used to create a variety of different fabrics and garments.


2. The jacquard can be used to create patterns and designs in fabrics that would be impossible to create by hand.


3. The jacquard is perfect for creating intricate designs and patterns in textiles.


4. The machine is easy to use and can be operated by anyone with basic computer skills.


5. The jacquard can be used to create everything from hats and scarves to sweaters and dresses.



high speed electronic jacquard with rapier loom manufacturers exporters


Tianmai mechanical is a High Speed Electronic Jacquard Machine Manufacturers,Textile Jacquard with Rapier Loom Exporters.


Tianmai mechanical jacquard Machines are ideal for electronic Jacquard machine. They produce excellent results in nearly all applications whether with Terry Cloth, Sarees, Shawls, Stolls, Blankets, Curtains as well as Technical Items. Tianmai mechanical jacquard are the manufacturers and exporters of electronic Jacquard machine Machines Weaving Machines.We also manufacture and export Rapier looms with high electronic Jacquard machine Machines to worldwide countries.






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