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High Speed Rapier Loom - AHR-3600


This article is about the High Speed Rapier Loom - AHR-3600. This loom is a new type of loom that is used for weaving high speed fabrics. This type of loom has many advantages over other types of looms because it can weave fabrics at very high speeds. This loom is also very easy to use which makes it perfect for businesses that need to produce a lot of fabric quickly.


AHR-3600 is a high speed Rapier Weaving Machine with wide weaving versatility. Filling insertion rates up to 1350m/minute. reed space range 170~360cm; it is suitable to weave various fabric such as wool fabric, cotton fabric, denim, corduroy, rayon, synthetic filament, silk, upholster fabric, industrial & percolation fabric, filter cloth, linen, glass fiber etc.


The High Speed Rapier Loom - AHR-3600 is a high speed loom designed for producing fencing cloth and other woven fabrics. It has a maximum speed of 3600 feet per minute, making it one of the fastest looms on the market.


Rapier looms are a type of weaving loom that use a metal thread to create textiles. The rapier loom can be used to create different types of fabrics, including cloths and mats. The price of a rapier loom can vary depending on the model and size, but they are generally affordable.The AHR-3600 is very easy to use, and requires no special skills or training to operate. It is perfect for beginner crafters, and can be used to create a variety of items including purses, clothes, and even furniture.


Features: High Speed Rapier Loom - AHR-3600

Reed width 170. 190. 200. 220. 230. 240. 260. 290. 320. 340. 360. 380cm.
Yarn range Cotton and man-made fiber yarn: 500tex (1.2Ne)~5tex(120Ne)
Slub & worsted: 680tex(1.5Nm)~10tex(100Nm)
Filament 10dtex (9Td)~1650dtex(100Td)
Fabric weight: 20~850g/m2
Shedding - High speed Electronic Jacquard
- High-speed electronic dobby, 20 shafts and 24 shafts
- positive cam motion max 8 shafts


How to chose High Speed Electronic Jacquard Machine Manufacturers


There are many different types of rapier looms available on the market today. Depending on what you are looking for, there may be a loom that is better suited for your needs.  Some factors to consider when selecting a loom include: the type of yarn you will be using, the size of the needles, how many stitches you will be able to produce in a minute, and the design of the loom.


There is no single definitive answer when it comes to choosing the best rapier loom. However, certain features that are important to consider include ease of use, speed, durability and cost.


1. There are many different types of rapier looms available on the market today. Some are more expensive than others, but they all have their own unique features that make them worth buying. 

2. The best rapier looms are typically the ones that have a wide range of adjustment options so that you can customize the width and length of the cloth weave. 


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Tianmai mechanical is a High Speed Electronic Jacquard Machine Manufacturers,Textile Jacquard with Rapier Loom Exporters.


Tianmai mechanical jacquard Machines are ideal for electronic Jacquard machine. They produce excellent results in nearly all applications whether with Terry Cloth, Sarees, Shawls, Stolls, Blankets, Curtains as well as Technical Items. Tianmai mechanical jacquard are the manufacturers and exporters of electronic Jacquard machine Machines Weaving Machines.We also manufacture and export Rapier looms with high electronic Jacquard machine Machines to worldwide countries.



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